WE DID IT!!! I am pleased to announce that on Sunday, our team submitted over 390,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in Jefferson City! This is more than double the amount required, so we're very confident that even if many are deemed invalid, we're going to qualify for the ballot this year.

Thank you all for the tremendous support and hard work required to get to this point! This monumental effort couldn’t have happened without everyone who pitched in to help with donations, signature collection, and community education—let’s keep the momentum and conversation HOT as we head into the summer months.

What’s next? We are strategizing and planning for the campaign in the fall as we wait for the signatures to be verified. It's a wait-and-see until the state confirms we have indeed submitted an adequate number of signatures, but once it is determined that our measure will be placed on the ballot, we will immediately launch the next phase.

The time for action is not over, and you can join us in sharing our good news and encouraging your friends to vote YES at the ballot this year. A new future is on the horizon and you have the opportunity to help Missouri become the 20th state to legalize and regulate adult-use marijuana!

This effort has been years of work in the making, and I am grateful to all those who’ve believed in the mission and chosen to take action in pursuit of ending decades of cannabis prohibition. Together, we will get this before the voters THIS YEAR and enact one of the most important criminal justice reforms in Missouri history.


John Payne

Campaign Manager